Why choose Rocket’s Basics course?

  1. Basics is a pathway course, enabling top graduates to enrol in Rocket’s Coding Bootcamp should they wish to switch careers or learn professional coding.

  2. Basics has been taken and recommended by students from top tech companies such as Facebook, Stripe, Grab, Shopee, Rakuten, Ninja Van, McKinsey, and more.

  3. Basics is free.

Why choose Rocket’s Bootcamp course?

  1. Rocket’s Bootcamp guarantees a coding job or a full refund. Rocket’s past students received offers from companies such as GovTech, Ninja Van, Xfers, 99.co, Glints, and more.

  2. Rocket’s Bootcamp is longer (6 months FT, 12 months PT), comprehensively covering topics in frontend, backend, cloud, and algorithms that other bootcamps typically skim over, resulting in a more standout portfolio.

  3. Rocket’s Bootcamp only accepts top students from Coding Basics, guaranteeing a strong network of classmates and alumni.

Why choose Rocket over university or polytechnic courses?

  1. Rocket is project-based, not exam-based. You will graduate with a standout portfolio.

  2. Rocket offers unlimited interview prep and referrals to tech companies, often overlooked by academic programmes.

  3. Rocket is led by software engineers from top schools and companies such as Stanford, Cambridge and Facebook that have strong connections to the tech industry.

Why choose Rocket over self-learning?

  1. Rocket provides a structured and guided path to getting a coding job in a fixed amount of time.

  2. Rocket exposes you to software engineers in industry on a weekly basis to grow your network.

  3. Rocket provides a powerful network of peers and alumni that you can draw on for your future career.

Does Rocket offer in-person classes?

  1. Rocket has no physical campus and conducts classes over Zoom and Slack. This helps reduce course fees and commute time, while still achieving the best bootcamp outcomes in Singapore.

  2. Students code together daily over video call and group chat. There are fewer than 10 students per instructor, enabling interactive classes where students ask questions and get feedback.

  3. Rocket sponsors a dinner for each batch to meet in-person and get to know each other better.

  4. If you have a strong preference for in-person learning, we recommend General Assembly or Trent Global Code Institute in Singapore.

How is Rocket different from online courses?

  1. Rocket Academy is live and cohort-based. Students ask questions in class daily and enjoy a community of classmates learning at the same pace.

  2. Rocket Academy cultivates a strong alumni network that significantly helps graduates with their careers.

What is the difference between software engineering, programming, and coding?

There is no practical difference. Software engineering is a more professional term.

What is the difference between software engineering, data science, and data analytics?

  1. Software engineers build apps and the underlying “pipes” for data to flow through. There are many parts of software to work on, hence the greater demand for software roles than data roles.

  2. Data scientists build statistical models to improve products, for example to make spam classifications, product recommendations, or match drivers and riders. Data scientists typically do the math, and software engineers build the product.

  3. Data analysts derive business insights through querying data and generating reports. This is typically a less skill-intensive job that more people can do, hence lower average compensation and job security than software engineer and data scientist roles.

Do I need a Computer Science degree or diploma to be a software engineer?

  1. 100% of Rocket Academy’s graduates do not have CS degrees or diplomas, and 100% are employed as software engineers.

  2. Rocket Academy has even had successful graduates from unrelated fields like cooking and horse racing.

  3. Bootcamps exist because universities are unable to produce enough engineers. Companies will hire great engineers, degree or not.

I’m bad at math. Can I be a software engineer?

  1. Math is not a pre-requisite for coding but logical thinking is.

  2. We believe anyone can coding given sufficient time and determination.

  3. If you’re unsure whether coding is for you, try Coding Basics!

I’ve tried coding but find it difficult. Can I still be a software engineer?

  1. It is normal to find coding challenging - this common among all software engineers. If you’re wondering whether you’re struggling more than normal, try Coding Basics.

  2. Rocket Academy provides on-demand support to students over group chat. We ask students to ask for help if they’re stuck for longer than 15 minutes, such that they do not spend too much time on relatively straightforward problems.

  3. Rocket Academy fosters a tight-knit community of learners that help each other. You will always have peers working through the same material that you can work together with and get help from. With time, you will learn.

I can code but struggle to get a job. Should I still join Rocket Academy?

  1. If you already code but need help getting a software job, chat with us and we can advise whether self-studying or joining a course is appropriate.

  2. If you already code and join Rocket, we may waive the Coding Basics requirement depending on your experience.

  3. Many of our most successful graduates had coding experience prior to joining Rocket. Coding Bootcamp provided them with the conceptual foundations, interview prep, and professional network they needed to complete their career switch.

Can I join Rocket’s courses while working a full-time job?

  1. Coding Basics is Rocket’s introductory course and a pre-requisite for Coding Bootcamp. Basics is a part-time course, roughly 10 hours of work per week, and meets from 7-9pm on Tuesday evenings and 1-3pm on Saturday afternoons.

  2. Coding Bootcamp has both full-time and part-time options.

    1. Full-Time Bootcamp requires students to commit 10am-6pm Mon-Fri for 24 weeks. We discourage working a full-time job while enrolled in the full-time Bootcamp.

    2. Part-Time Bootcamp requires students to commit 7-9pm Mon and Wed evenings, and 10am-12pm Sat mornings, with roughly 20 hours of work per week for 48 weeks.

How many classes can I miss?

  1. Classes are mandatory, live Zoom meetings where we review and solidify concepts through discussion and exercises.

  2. There is no strict attendance requirement for Rocket’s courses, but students that are not performing will be removed from their course.

  3. If you need to miss class for any reason, please let your instructor know ahead of time.

What payment plans do you offer?

  1. Coding Basics is currently free for all interested students. Apply now!

  2. Coding Bootcamp tuition is payable upfront or in six instalments due at the start of each month of the course. We plan to offer a deferred payment option for Singaporeans that will be more expensive than upfront or during-course instalments. If this is of interest to you, please let us know when you apply!

Coding Basics Course

What languages will I learn in Basics?

  1. Rocket’s courses focus on teaching coding concepts, NOT languages. This is because coding concepts are applicable to ALL languages, but language syntax may only be relevant to that specific language.

  2. Rocket teaches Coding Basics in JavaScript, currently the world’s most popular language. Basics coding concepts are relevant to almost all programming languages used today.

Will Basics teach me to code in React or Redux?

Coding Basics teaches basic coding syntax, tools, and computational thinking, and not advanced frameworks such as React or Redux.

The concepts we learn in Basics will give students the foundation to better harness frameworks such as React or Redux during Coding Bootcamp.

Will Basics teach me how to make a website?

Coding Basics teaches basic coding syntax, tools, and computational thinking, not web development. Rocket accepts top Basics graduates to Coding Bootcamp where we dive deeper into web and general application development.

Coding Bootcamp Course

What languages will I learn in Bootcamp?

  1. Rocket’s courses focus on teaching coding concepts, NOT languages. This is because coding concepts are applicable to ALL languages, but language syntax may only be relevant to that specific language.

  2. Rocket teaches Coding Bootcamp with the most popular languages and frameworks such as JavaScript, Python, SQL, Bash, Express, and React.

  3. More important than languages, Bootcamp concepts will be applicable to almost all languages, frameworks, and apps.

What career support does Rocket provide?

  1. Weekly Q&As with software engineers in Singapore to answer YOUR questions and build YOUR network.

  2. Comprehensive and unlimited algorithms interview prep starting from Month 3 of Coding Bootcamp.

  3. Comprehensive and unlimited resume and portfolio review.

  4. Comprehensive and unlimited referrals to companies in Rocket Academy’s network (most tech companies in SG). Rocket Academy only accepts top Coding Basics students to Coding Bootcamp, and companies trust we give them top talent.

  5. Full refund to Coding Bootcamp graduates applying but unable to get a coding job within 6 months of graduation.

What jobs qualify as “coding jobs” for the tuition refund?

  1. Coding Bootcamp graduates applying but unable to get coding jobs within 6 months of graduation will get a full refund.

  2. “Coding job” refers to the following.

    1. A position requiring knowledge of one or more of the following: software, data science, full-stack web, iOS/Android development, cybersecurity, information technology, UX, web and app development and design.

    2. Any other position for which you would not have been qualified, considered, or promoted into, but for your participation in Rocket’s programme or job placement efforts.

Who is eligible for the job guarantee?

The job guarantee is only applicable for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs) only. However, all bootcamp students will receive the same help and preparation during the job search.

Do you offer refunds?

In the event you would like to drop out, Rocket may issue a pro-rated refund on a case-by-case basis.