Why Enrol in a Software Engineering Bootcamp to Become a Software Engineer

learning methods

There are different methods to learn software engineering in Singapore. The four most common ones are: obtaining a degree in Computer Science; self-learning; bootcamps; and postgraduate programmes like diplomas and Master’s degrees. Here are some things to consider when thinking about signing up for a bootcamp to learn coding and programming, or to kickstart your career in software engineering.

✓ Affordable study

Bootcamps tend to be cheaper (~S$5,000) and faster (three to six months) than enrolling in a postgraduate programme. They are recognised by tech employers, and graduates usually start applying for software engineering jobs after about three months of training. Bootcamps are also a popular option for those seeking to switch careers and become software engineers from unrelated industries.

✓ A focus on practical skills

Due to the short duration of bootcamps, students tend to learn many practical skills but relatively little Computer Science knowledge. The drawback here is that bootcamp graduates are likely to take on more entry-level positions than Computer Science graduates. It also makes it harder for bootcamp graduates to get roles at larger tech companies where software engineering is a core competency, a Computer Science foundation is needed to work on products, and job applicant pools are more competitive. More bootcamp graduates may find themselves working in non-tech or smaller tech companies, and software agencies.

✓ Employment opportunities

However, to bolster the employment prospects of their graduates, most bootcamps in Singapore have relationships with employers. They usually invite employers to a demo day, where they can meet graduates. Some bootcamps like ThoughtWorks and JumpStart are also subsidiaries of a software agency, and are able to hire graduates into their own parent company.

If you are interested in signing up for a basic software engineering bootcamp in Singapore, look for those who partner with IMDA’s Tech Immersion and Training Programme (TIPP) as they are the most reputable. Rocket Academy is in the process of becoming a partner. If you already have a background in coding and are specifically interested in learning the language Go, you can also consider Go School. This is a four-month bootcamp by Ngee Ann Polytechnic that pays a S$1,200/month stipend to students who have completed tertiary education before Jan 2019.

The Rocket Academy Commitment

Our bootcamp, Software Engineering Bootcamp, is designed to equip you with both software engineering foundations and practical, industry-relevant skills. Beyond demo day, we also help our graduates achieve their dream job through direct career coaching from software engineers. At Rocket Academy, we are always invested in your career.

● Software Engineering Bootcamp students are supported with unlimited resume reviews, interview preparation, and continued referrals to new job openings through our network of over 100 hiring partners.

● A database of open software engineering jobs across Singapore is maintained, so graduates can access the widest selection of jobs available.

● A weekly question and answer session with a software engineer is also hosted, so students can develop professional relationships within the industry.

Please note that our basic coding course, Coding Basics, is a prerequisite to Software Engineering Bootcamp. This course will prepare you with the fundamentals of coding, and is ideal for exploring a career in software engineering before committing to a Software Engineering Bootcamp.