Postgraduate Software Engineering Programmes in Singapore

learning methods

There are different methods to learn software engineering in Singapore. The four most common ones are: obtaining a degree in Computer Science; self-learning; bootcamps; and postgraduate programmes like diplomas and Master’s degrees. These are some things to consider when deciding if you should enrol in a postgraduate software engineering programme.

If you prefer more structured learning, basic software engineering bootcamps and postgraduate programmes will be better options than self-learning. Postgraduate programmes are the most expensive (~S$10,000) and longest (one to two years) of the three post-tertiary education methods of learning software engineering.

As with bootcamps, postgraduate programmes typically have job fairs and career offices to support students. This may not be as extensive or intensive as bootcamps, however, as postgraduate programmes don’t have the same incentives to get graduates jobs. Unlike bootcamps, their subsidies do not depend on the employability of graduates.

Postgraduate programme graduates often do well in the job market if they have relevant prior experience, such as working at a tech company or in fields like data analytics. However, they may not glean as much practical experience through internships as Computer Science undergraduates. This means postgraduate programme graduates need to spend extra time building practical skills through projects outside their course.

Here are some of the best postgraduate software engineering programmes in Singapore: