Careers In Singapore's Tech Industry


Singapore’s growth in the realm of technology has been formidable in many ways. Our technological muscle far supersedes our compact size, so much so that we’ve been dubbed a “miniature Silicon Valley” by CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Meg Whitman.

Software Engineering

Advanced IT infrastructure, world-renowned levels of innovation, and the presence of global tech giants have made a career in the local tech industry incredibly exciting as well. Software technology is a core component in this sector. Not only does it cut across most traditional industries, it is closely associated with the steady emergence of startups that use software technology to ‘disrupt’ traditional businesses, such as 3D printing.

Yet, even though Singapore’s tech industry is thriving and actively promoted internationally, there has been a consistent lack of tech workers like software engineers in recent years. The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) estimates this deficit to be at about 10,000 workers per year!

Software engineering is the most in demand position by far. In fact, there are roughly 10 times more software engineering jobs than data science or product management jobs in Singapore. This is because companies require a product before they can even begin managing it and analysing data. Software engineers are the ones who build that product.

Data Science

Data science focuses on collecting and analysing large volumes of data to improve a company’s operations. It is not to be confused with data analytics, which has a more focused scope. While data science insights are broader and useful for future decision-making, data analytics is more concerned with finding actionable insights to solve existing problems.

Product Management

Product management involves defining the why, when, and what of the product to be built. Product managers often need to work closely with users and colleagues from different departments, as they oversee a product from its conception through to its final launch.