Your Career is Our Priority.

Rocket Academy’s #1 focus is getting students jobs, because when our students succeed, we succeed. The better jobs our students get, the stronger our alumni network becomes, enabling better jobs for future students.

We Focus On Concepts

  1. Rocket Academy emphasises coding concepts, not languages.
  2. Concepts are relevant to all languages, but syntax may only be relevant to a specific language.
  3. We teach concepts with the most popular languages: JavaScript, Python, and SQL.

We Get You a Job.

  1. Unlimited algorithms interview prep
  2. Unlimited resume and portfolio review
  3. Unlimited referrals to companies in RA’s network

We Optimise Your Time.

  1. All material is pre-recorded so you can review it at your own pace, on your own time.
  2. Daily classes and on-demand chat ensures we answer your questions and you keep progressing.
  3. Online classes eliminate commute time and enable flexible working hours.


Founder and CEO

Kai studied Computer Science at Stanford and served as a CS teaching assistant. He has worked at Facebook, Alibaba, Nuna Health, and Dana Cita in San Francisco, New York, Singapore, and Jakarta.

Kai started Rocket Academy after experiencing the industry-wide shortage of good software engineers. RA’s 6-month Bootcamp is a middle ground between long and expensive university courses and short and insufficient 12-week software engineering bootcamps.

“Teaching has been incredibly rewarding because of the professional and social impact on students. I look forward to helping more students achieve their potential, and seeing our graduates reach greater heights.”

— Kai, Founder and CEO at Rocket Academy


Head of Education

Akira took a coding class in high school and taught himself the rest. He earned his first job after months of self-studying, attending meetups, and working for free. Since then he has led engineering teams in Silicon Valley and taught coding at General Assembly in New York and Singapore.

Akira sharpened his technical expertise at Silicon Valley startups FTW Group, whylingual, and Hot Shot Media. He then became the Lead Instructor for Software Engineering Immersive at General Assembly New York followed by Singapore. With Rocket Academy, Akira aspires to improve students’ learning journey based on past teaching experiences. He plans to create comprehensive courses to support students at every level as they progress as professional programmers.

“For aspiring software engineers: don't be intimidated by a field that can seem mysterious and technical. Learning the skills is not easy and a programming career is not for everyone, but it is possible to learn with the right approach. This field is one of the most meritocratic, and if you can demonstrate some knowledge and ability, it doesn't matter what your previous background is.”

— Akira, Head of Education at Rocket Academy