Is Software Engineering a Stable Career?


We previously wrote about some of the different careers available in Singapore’s tech industry. Here are three reasons why a career as a software engineer in Singapore can offer stability and growth.

1. Software engineers are in demand

At most mature tech companies, you should be able to find a form of three commonly available tracks: working in software engineering; data science; or product management. However, software engineers will likely be the most common position, since companies often need more software engineers than other positions.

2. A foundation in software engineering provides easy pivoting in the tech industry

The best data scientists and product managers tend to be former software engineers themselves, since they possess an understanding of how to build software. This enhances their ability to derive value from data and manage software products.

3. Software engineers are not easily replaced.

Despite the instability brought to the economy by COVID-19, Singapore’s tech industry has remained robust. Tech hiring, though slower than before the pandemic, continues to be at a relatively rapid pace. An attributing factor is the increased nature of online activity during COVID-19. Even in industries hurt by the pandemic, software engineers are often some of the last employees to be let go because they are harder to replace.

It’s never too late to begin a career in software engineering

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